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Leverage is the power of positive financing.

Our goal is to provide you with the best financing available. To be the best we focus on stability, efficiency, loyalty, and results. We are the skilled advocate that meets your commercial real estate financial needs.

At Leverage Capital, we provide the long-term solutions to your complex commercial real estate financing problems. We provide and specialize in an assortment of services detailed below.

Refinance existing loans to provide cash-out.

There are two primary ways of doing loan refinancing: There is standard rate and term finance, which allows for you to receive a lower mortgage rate on your commercial property. This process manages to keep your commercial real estate balance intact. The second way is the “cash-out refinance”, which allows you to tap into the equity of your commercial property.

With both refinancing processes, you can receive a quick and easy cash-out to help finance whatever you need. We excel in providing both guidance and service in refinancing your existing loans to provide a cash-out.

New construction loans to facilitate the development of a new asset.

Construction today has been limited. Loans are harder to obtain for smaller builders who can and will struggle with attaining the loan. Even larger commercial businesses can struggle with the process and fail to understand what is needed and what is expected.

Leverage Capital works closely with your small or large business to ensure that any construction loans you need are given to you. We guide you through the process by explaining the ins and outs of construction loans. Our assistance will help you receive the perfect loan for the construction of your new commercial real estate asset.

Take out loans to refinance construction loans with long term, fixed rate non-recourse loans for investors

Your investors deserve the best deals on loans and that’s exactly what we provide. By refinancing your construction loan, you can make your loan work for you. Your investors will be happy to know that the loans we secure will be at a fixed rate, non-recourse and most importantly, easy to pay off. With our assistance, you’ll bring your investors ease of mind.

Bridge Loans - to allow time to stabilize and ``value add`` acquisition or re-positioning of assets

Bridge loans are crucial to your business if you have a new location and need to utilize it quickly and efficiently.

With Leverage Capital, you’ll have a reliable partner who moves as fast as you do. We’ll help you become qualified for the bridge loan and quickly get you financed. Lastly, we’ll walk you through stabilizing and re-positioning your new and old assets.

Investor Equity - we can arrange equity investment for acquisition or development transactions

There are multiple reasons why you need money for your commercial real estate project. A common way to obtain an influx of capital is by using an equity investor. The equity investor will invest money into your company in exchange for a share of ownership in the company.

Honest, thorough, and helpful equity investors are hard to find. We have over 30 years of experience in financing commercial real estate and we have met many equity investors who are eager to help businesses. Lastly, the terms we help set are specified by you and the investor and is always fair to both parties.

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